Running Podcasts

When it comes to taking advantage of new technology I’m pretty much always way behind. I didn’t get an mp3 player until just this past Christmas. Then it wasn’t until a few months later that I finally learned what a podcast is. Now I am hooked on listening to podcasts. I have found that they make the time pass much quicker than just listening to music when I’m stuck riding the stationary bike because of an injury. If you search online you can find podcasts on just about every topic imaginable. Since I am a running junky I primarily listen to podcasts about running. Below are a few of most informative and entertaining running podcasts I have found.

The Canadian Athletic Coaching Center (

This is my favorite podcast at the moment. There is a large collection of interviews with all types of track and field coaches, as well as doctors, chiropractors and physical therapists, from all over the world. The site is geared primarily towards coaches, but even if you aren’t a coach you can still find some great ideas to apply to your own training. Besides the podcasts this site also has a bunch of other resources, so be sure and dig around on the site a bit.

Runnerville (

There are actually two podcasts at the Runnerville site. The first is called Runnerville Weekly. This one is usually about 30 minutes long and made up of short, little reports by several different people involved in the world of competitive running. They cover topics that deal with elite running from the high school to the professional level. The second podcast on the site is called The Matt & Toni Show and is hosted by Matt Taylor (creator of Chasing Kimbia, Chasing Glory, Chasing Tradition and Chasing Bolt) and Toni Reavis (broadcaster who has been covering running for over 30 years). This podcast is around an hour long and covers many of the same topics that are mentioned on the Runnerville Weekly show only in much greater detail. The Matt & Toni show also has interviews with people involved in elite running. This site used to be pretty good about getting out a new version of each podcast each week. But over the last couple months they have kind of fallen behind. Hopefully they will start putting out more new stuff soon.

Endurance Planet (

This podcast isn’t only about running but rather covers all endurance sports. This podcast has been around for quite a while so there are a lot of past episodes that you can choose from. There is also a wide variety of topics that are covered. They have interviews with well known (and not so well known) athletes and coaches, race and gear reviews, training and nutrition tips and motivational items. However, my favorite item is called Breakaway Friday. Every Friday they release a podcast that contains an excerpt from a book by Breakaway Publishing that covers some aspect of an endurance sport.

I hope you find these podcasts at least somewhat enjoyable. Since I am always looking for new sources of information about running please let me know any podcasts you think I should check out.

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