Barkley Autumn Trail Run

Start of the 2008 Barkley Autumn Trail Run

Start of the 2008 Barkley Autumn Trail Run

This time of year is made for trail running and Bellingham has some of the best trails around. The Barkley Autumn Trail Run 8K gives runners a chance to race along one of those great Bellingham trails. The race starts and ends at Barkley Village. The course is basically an out and back that goes from Barkley to Whatcom Falls Park. The majority of the way out is a gradual uphill, of course that means most of the way back is a nice gradual downhill. So if you are looking for a great way to experience some of the fun and beauty (its a great way to see the Fall colors) of Autumn trail running in enjoyable, low key setting I would definitely recommend trying the Barkley Autumn Trail Run. This year’s event, which benefits the Whatcom County Boys and Girls Club, had a little over 100 participants. (Full results)

Top Five Women
1) Marti Reimer-Reiss   31:30
2) Amber Morrison       32:31
3) Alma McMurtry        32:40
4) Gretchen Van Dyke   33:58
5) Mischa Burnett          34:20
Top Five Men
1) John Collins          28:09
2) Jason Gulley         28:14
3) Bryan Robertson  30:06
4) Steve Grichel        30:12
5) Jeff Stamey          30:22

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