2008 USATF XC Club National Championships

Saturday, December 13th, is the USATF XC Club National Champioinships in Spokane, WA. This is always a very fun race because it has such a wide range of runners, from Olympians to your average local runner. Plus, the emphasis on the team aspect of running is great.

The race will be held at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane, WA on mostly flat, loop course that is all grass (course map: 10K course, 6K course). I have never run on the course myself, but friends who have run on it tell me it is a slow course. While there are no big hills, there are still lots of gradual ups and downs. But the main thing is the ground is very soft and sucks your energy right out of you. Based on the weather forecast for Spokane it looks like it should be a pretty muddy race. There is supposed to be on and off rain all week leading up to the race and then snow flurries on Friday and race day.

Last time I checked the list of entrants for the race it seemed like there should be a good turnout this year. For example, in the men’s open race there is currently about 375 runners entered. As far as teams from Washington State, there aren’t quite as many as I had hoped there would be but there still are 7 teams that I know of who are sending runners. Club Northwest, Eastside Runners, Fairhaven Runners and Seattle Running Club will all have both men and women competing in Spokane. Brooks ID and EMDE Sports will have men’s teams competing and The Spokane Swifts are sending a women’s team. If you know of any other WA teams that I have missed please let me know since I will try and post an update of how the WA teams did after the race.

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