2009 Love ’em or Leave ’em 5K

With just under 2000 finishers, I think the 2009 Love ’em or Leave ’em 5K at Greenlake was the largest running of this event so far. Yet due to the new course (course map) that is primarily on the roads around Greenlake and the great job of the event staff there were no problems handling the larger crowds. Not only does this race have a fun and festive atmosphere, but thanks to the flat, certified course it also draws some very fast runners. If you are looking for a fast and fun early season 5K I would highly recommend the Love ’em or Leave ’em 5k.

Besides the individual age group and overall winners there was also a team competition. There were two runners per team and they were scored based on their combined time. Below are the winners of the team competition (full results).

Women under 79 (combined age)
1.   41:27 Just Friends  (team average 20:44)
      20:22    Veronica Sackett
      21:05    Laura Ruppert
Women masters (combined age over 80)
1.   37:52 Team BS  (team average 18:56)
      18:16    Sally Bergesen 
      19:36    Elizabeth Stahl
Men under 79 (combined age)
1.   32:51 Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Cupids (team average 16:26)
      16:11     Leif Kohler  
      16:40     Chris Tremonte
Men masters (combined age over 80)
1.   32:13 seattle running club (team average 16:07)
      15:29    Greg Crowther 
      16:44    Henry Wigglesworth
The individual winners ran some amazing times that will surely be showing up on the NW Runner Best Times List. Below are the top 5 men and women (full results).
Female overall results
1.  Heather Gallagher   18:00
2.  Sally Bergesen       18:16
3.  Christina Feliz        18:39
4.  Erica Pitman          19:00
5.  Karen Demartini      19:10

Male overall results

1.  Brett Winegar         15:03

2.  Greg Crowther        15:29

3.  Joe Darda              15:33

4.  Bruce Jackson       15:53

5.  Eddie Stickler        15:56


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