Pace Calculator Application for iPhone

A friend of mine has helped to develop an application for iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to select your goal distance and finishing time and it will show you your pace per mile, per kilometer, per 400 meters an in MPH. This could be very helpful for planning your next race or workout. The application is for sale on iTunes for $0.99, here is the link to it if you are interested.

iPace Application



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Running Resolutions

Have you made any running related New Year’s resolutions for this year, or are you one of those types that doesn’t believe in resolutions? The way I look at it, resolutions are just goals for the year. When it comes to running setting goals is major part of improving. Below are some pointers on setting running goals (resolutions).

To help explain my tips I will use one of my running resolutions for 2009 as an example. My resolution is to run sub 4:00 for the 1500 and sub 16:00 for the 5000 (either on the track or in a certified road race).

Tip #1: Make your resolutions measurable. Some common resolutions might be to run faster or further or to loose weight. While these are great goals, they are very ambiguous. This makes it much harder to stay focused on your goal. Instead you should say specifically how much faster or farther you want to run or how much weight you want to loose.  Before I picked my resolution for this year I had already decided I wanted focus on developing my speed in 2009. So then by picking goals that will require me to improve my speed I now have a specific goal that I can measure my progress towards.

Tip #2: Put your resolution in writing. By putting your resolution in writing you make it a bit more official than if remains just a thought in your head and you will be more likely to stick to it. Ideally you would right your resolution someplace like in the front of your training log where you will see it everyday as a reminder of what you are working towards. I actually prefer to take it a step further and let other people know what my resolutions are. This puts a bit more pressure on me to stick to the resolution. For some people this might add a bit too much pressure. Also, I never know who might have a suggestion that could really help me achieve my goals. So by talking about them with people I have more chances to get some help.

Tip #3: Make your resolution realistic. This is probably the most important of the three tips. If you make your resolution so outrageous that there is absolutely no way you will ever achieve it you will loose your motivation very quickly. Of course the flip side of this is also a problem. If you make your resolution so easy that it doesn’t require any effort on your part to achieve it you won’t have gained anything. For me a sub 4:00 1500 and sub 16:00 5000 is a very ambitious goal. In fact, I this will now be the third year I have made this resolution (this will be my year to reach my goal, I can feel it). Even though I didn’t actually achieve these times the past two years I have made them my resolution I still honestly believe that I am capable of running those times so I have never lost my motivation to work towards them.

Hopefully you find these tips at least a little bit helpful.  When you have something specific that you are shooting for it makes your running much more enjoyable and meaningful, plus it is much easier to motivate yourself to get out and train. If you are like me and like to let other people know what your resolutions are please leave me a comment stating your goals. I wish you all the best of luck in reaching your running goals for 2009.


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Washington teams at XC Club Nationals

Sorry it has taken me so long to post this, but due to the snow I haven’t been at my computer very much (I don’t have a computer at home). Washington teams had a pretty strong showing at the USATF XC Club Nationals in Spokane on December 13th. Below is a list of how each of those teams did. Hopefully these teams will continue to enter different events (XC, track, road relays) throughout the year so maybe we can start to build up some friendly team competition within the State. Please let me know if I have missed anyone or need to make any corrections.

Masters Women (40+)


Place    Points           Team

   1           23        Club Northwest-A

Points        Name            Time

   2        Susan Empey      24:21 

   9        Karen Steen         25:08

  12       Alyssa Tower        25:24 

  20       Christina Ashby    26:08


Place    Points           Team

   3           34       Seattle Running Club 

Points        Name                Time

   3        Alysun Deckert         24:23 

  13       Mary Hanna              25:34

  18       Amber Cruzan           26:05 

  30       Heather Nugent         27:34

  32       Kristy Maraveller       27:53


Place    Points           Team

   4           49          Eastside Runners 

Points        Name           Time

   1        Liz Wilson          23:55 

  17       Francie Faure      26:03

  31       Brenda Carter      27:44 

  33       Molly Hurd          27:56


Place    Points           Team

   5            56         Club Northwest-B 

Points        Name           Time

  15       Regina Joyce      25:40 

  16       Kelly Kruell         25:43

  25       Gail Hall             26:41


Place    Points           Team

   8           91           Hard Core Runners Club 

Points        Name               Time

  14       Lisa Garcia             25:37 

  38       Carol Stuhley          28:42

  39       Donna Nettleship    28:43 

  43       Ilene Gerardi           29:18

  46       Rosanne Bacon      30:51


Masters Women (50+)


Place    Points           Team

   5          153     Road Runner Sports-Seattle

Points        Name               Time

  50      Phyllis Nelson          32:03 

  51      Joy Cordell              32:07

  52     Sherri Prather           38:38


Masters Men (40+)


Place    Points           Team

   5          128         Club Northwest

Points        Name               Time

  12       Michael Lynes        34:55 

  16       Tony Young            35:15

  31       John O’Hearn          36:31 

  32       Keefer Whan          36:37

  37       Paul Abdalla           36:55 

  48       Sean Messiter        37:19

  49       Carl Winter             37:24

  64       Kevin McGinnis      38:20

             Ian Brown              39:00

             Loren Hill               40:51


Place    Points           Team

  12          374        Eastside Runners

Points        Name                  Time

  50       Tony Hawkes             37:29 

  67       Lance Logan              38:37

  82       Jeff Sowards              40:04 

  85       David Treadwell          40:12

  90       Christopher Michaels  40:49 

  94       David Eddy                41:23

 102      Mark Steen                43:03


Place    Points           Team

  13         428        Fleet Feet Running Club

Points        Name                 Time

  63       Lance Docken           38:17 

  75       Scott Drennen           39:16

  86       Kevin McCrabb          40:16 

  97       Daryl Montgomery     41:38

 107      Tim Campbell            43:48


Place    Points           Team

  14         430            EMDE Sports

Points        Name                 Time

  74        Kevin Swaim            39:07 

  77       Jeffrey Rahn              39:40

  83       Tim Haugan              40:08 

  95       Troy Nelson              41:30

 101      John Townley            42:53 

 103      Michael Lauffer          43:04

 109      Paul Suter                44:31


Place    Points           Team

  16         468           Fairhaven Runners

Points        Name                 Time

   70      Kendall Townsend      38:52 

   87      Steven Wade             40:18

   88      Stephen Roguski        40:34 
  110     Charles Dooley           45:40

  113     Anthony Cava             48:42

            John Schick               48:14 


Place    Points           Team

  17         487         Fleet Feet Running Club-B

Points        Name                 Time

  89       Patrick Kenworthy      40:44 

  91       Zachary Willis            40:53

  96       Paul Morrison             41:38 

 105      Richard Nelly              43:18

 106      Chris Blair                  43:38


Masters Men (50+) 


Place    Points           Team

   1          48            Club Northwest

Points        Name                 Time

   1        Rick Becker              36:42 

   2        Michael Smith           36:51

  11       Mark Billett                38:51 

  13       David Cannon             39:11

  21       Frederick Motteler      40:21 

  24       Michael Allison          40:55

  31       Jerry Zyskowski         42:34


Place    Points           Team

   5          133         Seattle Running Club

Points        Name                 Time

   8        Henry Wigglesworth   38:23 

  26       Kent Sizer                 40:59

  27       Win Van Pelt             41:15 

  35       Mark Drangsholt         43:45

  37       Scott Serpa               45:09 

  44       Tony Myrie                48:28


Place    Points           Team

   6          185         Eastside Runners

Points        Name                 Time

   3        Joe Sheeran              37:14 

  42       John Swenson           47:20

  45       Wes Pitman              49:30 

  46       Norbert Geer              49:37

  49       Jim Buckley              50:22 

  51       Osamu Yamamoto    51:04

  57       Hon-wah Chan          52:50


Place    Points           Team

   8          219         3 Rivers Road Runners 

Points        Name                 Time

  39       Dana Ward                45:44 

  40       Jeff Huth                    46:26

  43       Stuart Kretzschmar    48:11 

  47       Steven Wisness         49:48

  50       Ronald Melton           50:25


Masters Men (60+) 


Place    Points           Team

   4          27            EMDE Sports

Points        Name                 Time

   3        Jeff Corkill                 42:25 

   9        Joe Machala             44:33

  15       Scott Melville             48:43


Place    Points           Team

   5          30           Eastside Runners

Points        Name                 Time

   5        David Longmuir          43:41 

  11       Frazer Mann              45:11

  14       Patrick Dwyer            47:20 

  19       James McGill            50:12

  22      Charles Crouse          51:06


Place    Points           Team

  7           73            3 Rivers Road Runners

Points        Name                 Time

 21        Bill Voiland                50:45 

 25        Kenneth Kniveton       52:56

 27        James Peterson         53:58 

 28        Jon Neely                  54:38

 29        John Butterfield          1:16:20


Masters Men (70+) 


Place    Points           Team

  1            6            Snohomish Track Club

Points        Name                 Time

  1         Ben Grevstad             52:32 

  2         Bill Iffrig                     55:41

  3         Larry Wright              58:38 

  4         Melvin Preedy           1:06:50


Open Women 


Place    Points           Team

  6           153          Club Northwest

Points        Name                 Time

 15        Rose Wetzel              22:32 

 22        Vanessa Hunter         22:49

 26        Megan Johnson          22:57 

 44        Lauren Matthews        23:26

 46        Lia Slemons              23:26 

 50        Kristi Houk                23:32

 78        Linn Schulte-Sasse    23:53

118       Diane Martineillo         25:17


Place    Points           Team

 11          284         The Spokane Swifts

Points        Name                 Time

 19        Johanna Olson           22:43

 35        Janet Collar               23:14 

 48        Jodi Suter                  23:29

 84        Rachel Jaten              23:59 

 98        Haley Cooper             24:26

106       Amber Hamilton         24:46

107       Annie Warner             24:51

115       Heather McLaughlin    25:04


Place    Points           Team

 19          562         Eastside Runners

Points        Name                 Time

 38        Susan Ashlock           23:20 

121       Andrea Garvue            25:21

123       Erica Pitman              25:30 

131       Jennifer Bolibol           25:55

149       Tami Curtis                28:22 

152       Susan Pevovar           29:48


Place    Points           Team

 21          659          The Spokane Swifts-B

Points        Name                 Time

117       Heidi Bresson             25:10 

125       Lori Buratto                25:41

136       Adrianne Campbell      26:19 

140       Lora Jackson              26:38

141       Sarah Ranson            26:38 

142       Lanaia Severino          26:48

145       Eve Nelson                27:02

150       Libby Fisher               28:43


Open Men


Place    Points           Team

  6           216        Club Northwest

Points        Name                 Time

 12        Joseph Gray              31:33 

 20        Mikhail Sayenko        31:50

 39        Mark Mandi               32:22 

 68        Brett Winegar            33:16

 77        Sean Sundwall           33:23 

 88        John Timeus              33:30

134       Scott Halliday            34:19

152       Jeremy Park              34:38

240       Jeff Hashimoto           34:54


Place    Points           Team

 14          479         Bigfoot Track Club

Points        Name                 Time

 49        Mark Curell                32:45 

 64        Andrew Fuller             33:08

 85        Eric Burck                 33:28 

 97        Ty Axtman                 33:38

184       Sean Coyle                35:25


Place    Points           Team

 18          576          Eastside TC

Points        Name                 Time

 73        Eric Griffiths               33:19 

107       Sean Williams            33:53

118       Rusty McCrea            33:59 

132       Michael Anderson       34:17

146       Patrick McCurry         34:33 

186       Timothy Riley             35:30


Place    Points           Team

 22          673          Seattle Running Club

Points        Name                 Time

 98        Ben Mangrum            33:40 

119       Travis Boyd                33:59

138       Destry Johnson          34:22 

143       Gregory Crowther       34:28

175       Chris Charles             35:09 

196       Ben Sauvage              35:50

204       Aaron Ladd                36:02

219       Mark Davies               36:45

            Adam Lint                  37:22


Place    Points           Team

 32          937           Brooks ID

Points        Name                 Time

 81        Michael Bresson        33:24 

155       Steve Dekoker           34:40

182       Josh Hadway             35:24 

250       Gregory Gallagher      38:37

269       Matthew Cusack        45:52


Place    Points           Team

 38          1101       Fairhaven Runners

Points        Name                 Time

129       Chad Portwood           34:14 

207       Peter Ellis                  36:08

245       Steve Grichel              38:21 

254       Jason Gulley              39:01

266       Sam Brancheau          43:16


Place    Points           Team

 39          1107       EMDE Sports

Points        Name                 Time

194       Thomas Pileggi           35:47 

202       Evan Sims                  35:59

231       Michael Bergquist       37:28 

236       Ryan McIntyre            37:44

244       Kenneth Linder           38:20 

258       Sam Picicci               39:53

264       Charles Toillion          41:15


Place    Points           Team

 40          1115        Eastside Runners

Points        Name                 Time

122       Jonathan Murray         34:04 

209       Cullen Cantwell           36:12

249       Travis Adams              38:34 

267       James Johnson           43:32

268       Jeff Mataya                 43:35


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Cold, Windy Day of Racing at the 2008 USATF XC Club National Championships

Men's masters race

Men's masters race

While the 7 – 11 inches of snow that was predicted for race day in Spokane, WA never quite materialized (there was just a dusting of snow on the course at race time), the wind and cold temperatures were definitely a factor. By the time the races began on Saturday the temperature was about 20 degrees with winds around 30 mph (that makes it feel like its about 0 degrees out).

Seattle teams had a very strong showing taking 4 of the top 5 places in the women’s masters (40+) race. With Club NW (A) getting the win followed by Fleet Feet Boulder, Seattle Running Club, Eastside Runners and Club NW (B), respectively. In the men’s masters (40+) race it was team Fluffy Bunny winning over Fleet Feet Boulder, Bowerman Athletic Club, Dirigo R.C. and Club NW, respectively. The Boulder Running Company/Adidas won the open women’s race with New Balance Boston, the Boston Athletic Association, New York Athletic Club and Run Ohio-Second Sole Racing Team rounding out the top five. For complete results visit the USATF XC Club Nationals site.

Open men's 10K

Open men's 10K

The men’s open race was won by the McMillan Elite team, followed by the Bowerman Athletic Club, Hansons-Brooks Distance Project, Boulder Running Company/Adidas and Asics Aggie Running Club. The race for individual champion ended up being a great battle between Scott Bauhs and Andrew Carlson. In the end Scott Baughs out kicked Andrew Carlson to win by 2 seconds and claim his first national championship as a professional runner. I heard Bauhs even had to stop to tie his shoe once during the race. This guy is going to be a great runner. For a complete recap of all the races check out the USATF race review.

For more photos from the races check out the following websites:

Northwest Running and Racing flickr site

Club Northwest race photos

USATF photos

Baughs out kicking Carlson

Bauhs out kicking Carlson


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Fairhaven Runners Team heading to Spokane for XC Club Nationals

Today’s issue of the Bellingham Herald has an article about how the Fairhaven Runners Team and I are heading to the USATF XC Club National Championships in Spokane this weekend. Its always great to see local papers giving some space to covering running (especially when you are the top of the article). In case anyone is interested in reading about me and my team, here is the link to the article:


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2008 USATF XC Club National Championships

Saturday, December 13th, is the USATF XC Club National Champioinships in Spokane, WA. This is always a very fun race because it has such a wide range of runners, from Olympians to your average local runner. Plus, the emphasis on the team aspect of running is great.

The race will be held at Plantes Ferry Park in Spokane, WA on mostly flat, loop course that is all grass (course map: 10K course, 6K course). I have never run on the course myself, but friends who have run on it tell me it is a slow course. While there are no big hills, there are still lots of gradual ups and downs. But the main thing is the ground is very soft and sucks your energy right out of you. Based on the weather forecast for Spokane it looks like it should be a pretty muddy race. There is supposed to be on and off rain all week leading up to the race and then snow flurries on Friday and race day.

Last time I checked the list of entrants for the race it seemed like there should be a good turnout this year. For example, in the men’s open race there is currently about 375 runners entered. As far as teams from Washington State, there aren’t quite as many as I had hoped there would be but there still are 7 teams that I know of who are sending runners. Club Northwest, Eastside Runners, Fairhaven Runners and Seattle Running Club will all have both men and women competing in Spokane. Brooks ID and EMDE Sports will have men’s teams competing and The Spokane Swifts are sending a women’s team. If you know of any other WA teams that I have missed please let me know since I will try and post an update of how the WA teams did after the race.

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Schedule of Indoor Track Meets for Winter 2008/2009

When it comes to running indoor track in western Washington there is really only one place to go, the UW. The UW has a great indoor facility and they host several meets every winter. Below is a list of indoor meets at the UW that allow non-collegiate runners to enter. I will also post the list of indoor meets on the Race Schedule page of this blog. I will try to keep the list of meets on the Race Schedule page up to date as well as post any info I have about each meet. So please let me know if I am missing any meets or info.

December 6

UW Winter Preview Meet, Dempsey Indoor, University of Washington

January 17

UW Indoor Preview Meet, Dempsey Indoor, University of Washington

January 30-31

UW Invitational, Dempsey Indoor, University of Washington

February 14

The Husky Classic, Dempsey Indoor, University of Washington

February 15

UW Indoor Open, Dempsey Indoor, University of Washington

March 7

UW Last Chance Qualifier, Dempsey Indoor, University of Washington


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